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Dongguan Hongjin Test Instrument Co., Ltd. was founded in 2007. It specializes in the production and development of various types of environmental test equipment, mechanical test equipment, box and bag test equipment, paper packaging test equipment, electronic and electrical equipment test equipment, computer and mobile phone test equipment, shoe test equipment, wire and cable test equipment, and large-scale non-slandard lesl equipment. Design and automation control and other aspects of high-tech production enterprises! In recent years, the company has closely followed the development of international material testing machines and testing technologies, boldly adopted high-tech, absorbed high-tech professionals, increased technology research and development investment, and devoted itselfto improving the inherent quality of the instrument. Excelsior, honest and trustworthy, so that the Hongjin instrument and its series of detection instruments have been rapidly developed.

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  • Cold and hot impact test chamber use proce

    The cold and hot impact test chamber is suitable for the adaptability test of electronic and electrical products and other equipment under the condition of the rapid change of ambient atmospheric temperature. It is a necessary testing equipment for metal, plastic, rubber, electronics and other ma...

  • Tension testing machine use need to pay attention to what matters

    Universal tensile testing machine can be used in many fields, like composite film, textile, rubber, waterproof materials, etc. Next, let’s understand what matters need to be paid attention to in the use of tensile testing machine: 1. Before the tension machine is energized, ensure that the ...

  • Precautions for the use of temperature test chamber

    What are the matters needing attention during the operation of constant temperature and humidity test chamber?the following points should be paid attention to when contacting the equipment in the operation of the instrument and equipment. I hope to attract everyone’s attention: 1. The tempe...

  • Working principle of constant temperature and humidity box

    Product introduction Introducing our new Constant Temperature and Humidity Box, designed to provide a reliable and stable environment for various testing and storage applications. Whether you need to maintain a specific temperature and humidity level for electronics, chemicals, food, or other sen...

  • Types of Tension Testing Machines

    Tension testing machines are essential tools used in a variety of industries to determine the mechanical properties of materials. These machines are used to determine how a material will perform under tensile forces, including its ability to withstand stretching, bending, and compressive forces. ...

  • How to reduce the frequency of abnormalities in the salt spray test chamber?

    In nature, the salt spray test using environmental exposure not only takes a long time, but also the experimental results are not easy to grasp. In most cases, the data is also mixed. And some of these manufacturers produce salt spray test chambers that can handle this headache very well. It can ...

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