The use of different types of salt spray machine

About the different usage of our company’s different types of salt spray testers

1、Neutral Salt Spray Test (NSS) This method is a widely used test method in China. It is used to simulate atmospheric environmental conditions in coastal areas and is suitable for metals and their alloys, metal coatings, organic coatings, anodic oxide films and conversion film, etc. Intermittent saltwater spray is closer to marine and coastal conditions than continuous spray. The intermittent test can make the corrosion product absorb moisture and affect the corrosion. If the time between two injections is long enough, the corrosion product will dry, harden and crack, which is often similar to the phenomenon that occurs under natural conditions. Porous coatings can be sprayed with salt water for a short period of time to avoid new pores due to corrosion.

2、Acetic acid salt spray test (ASS test) For plated parts such as automobiles driving in urban atmosphere, acid (acetic acid) is added to the salt solution in order to shorten the test time. It is suitable for all kinds of inorganic and plated and coated, black and non-ferrous gold, such as copper-nickel-chromium coating, nickel-chromium coating, anodized film of aluminum salt spray test standard, etc. Except the solution preparation is different from the neutral salt spray test, the others are the same.

3Copper-Accelerated Acetate Spray Test (CASS Test) Through the analysis of regional rainwater components and a lot of research on test-accelerating additives, it was found that adding copper oxide to the acetate spray test can greatly increase the corrosiveness of the medium, and the corrosion The characteristics are very similar to the characteristics of severe corrosion under actual conditions, so the accelerated CASS test method was further developed.


Post time: Sep-15-2022
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