Product characteristics and operating steps of xenon lamp aging test chamber


Hongjin Programmable Xenon Lamp Aging Test Box Xenon Arc Lamp Weather Resistance Simulation Sunlight uses xenon arc lamps that can simulate full solar spectrum to reproduce destructive light waves in different environments, providing corresponding environmental simulation and accelerated testing for scientific research, product development, and quality control. The xenon lamp test chamber can be used for changes in material composition. It can effectively simulate the changes in materials exposed to sunlight under different environmental conditions. For selecting new materials, improving existing materials, or evaluating accelerated aging tests.

The xenon lamp aging test chamber has the following characteristics:
1. The spraying cycle is controlled by a program and can be carried out in the absence of light. In addition to material degradation caused by water, the water spray cycle can effectively simulate rapid temperature changes and rainwater erosion processes. Due to frequent erosion by rainwater, wood coatings, including paint and colorants, can undergo corresponding erosion.

2. Research has shown that when the rainwater layer is washed away, the material itself will be directly affected by UV and the destructive effects of water. The rainwater spraying function can reproduce this environmental condition and enhance the relevance of some paint climate aging tests.

3. Safety protection devices: leakage protection, overload and power outage protection, over temperature protection, audio alarm, water shortage, grounding protection, power outage memory function.

The xenon lamp aging test box body is made of CNC equipment, with advanced technology, smooth lines, and beautiful appearance. The box door has a single door, equipped with xenon lamp filtered glass windows, and there is a water plate under the door, with drainage holes on the water plate. The appearance of the equipment is beautiful and generous. The test chamber adopts an integrated structure, with a studio on the upper left and an electrical control cabinet on the right. The mechanical room at the bottom includes a water tank, a drainage device, a water cooling device, and a humidification and humidity measurement water control device.

Operation steps of xenon lamp aging test chamber:

1. Xenon lamp aging test chamber exposure:
(1) The xenon lamp aging test chamber should ensure that the equipment operates under the selected test conditions and remains constant during the test process before the sample is put into the xenon lamp aging test chamber.

(2) The sample exposure should reach the specified exposure period. If necessary, the irradiance measurement device can be exposed simultaneously. It is necessary to frequently change the position of the specimen to reduce any local unevenness exposed. When changing the position of the specimen, the orientation of the specimen at its initial fixation should be maintained.

(3)If it is necessary to remove the sample for regular inspection, be careful not to touch or damage the surface of the sample. After inspection, the specimens should be returned to their respective specimen racks or test boxes in their original state, maintaining the orientation of the test surface consistent with before inspection.

2. Xenon lamp aging test chamber sample fixation:

The xenon lamp aging test chamber shall fix the specimen on the specimen holder in a way that is not subjected to any external stress. Each specimen shall be marked with an indelible mark, and the mark shall not be placed on the part to be used in subsequent tests. For the convenience of inspection, a layout diagram for sample placement can be designed. When the sample is used for testing changes in color and appearance, a portion of each sample can be covered with opaque material throughout the entire test period to compare the covering surface and exposed surface, which is useful for checking the exposure process of the sample. But the test results should be based on the comparison between the exposed surface of the sample and the control sample stored in the dark.

3. Measurement of radiation exposure in xenon lamp aging test chamber:

(1) If a light dose measuring instrument is used, its installation should enable the radiometer to display the irradiance on the exposed surface of the sample.

(2) For the selected passband, the irradiance during the exposure period is expressed as the spectral radiation energy per unit area of human radiation on the exposure plane, in joules per square meter.

Post time: Nov-01-2023
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