Hongjin sand and dust test box structure

Hongjin sand and dust test box structure

1. The dust-proof test equipment of the sand and dust test box is made of high-quality materials. The surface of the shell and the outer wall of the door are made of high-quality steel plates. The color matching is coordinated, the arc design, the lines are smooth and natural.
2. The inner liner material is made of high-quality stainless steel plate, which is designed to be a closed space during work, which can be placed in the space for the sample to conduct the shell seal test. The indoor sample racks and other accessories are made of stainless steel plates, with reasonable design and durability.
3. An oversized observation window is set on the door of the box, and there is a lighting device inside the box. During the test, the condition of the indoor test can be clearly observed, and the sample is clearly visible. The door of the box adopts double-layer silicone sealing strip, which is tightly sealed and easy to open and close. The box is specially designed with a device for placing samples.
4. The equipment has air flow with vertical circulation of dust, and talc powder is used as dust. The dust is blown into the circulating air channel by the fan at the bottom of the funnel, and then uniformly spread by the air outlet guide plate at the upper part of the equipment. With the aid of the circulating air flow, the dust can be evenly suspended in the test box. The amount of talc powder is per cubic meter of the test box The volume is 2kg, and the number of uses does not exceed 20 times. Stainless steel impeller driving dust, wind deflector of air outlet:
5. There is a device for replacing dust at the bottom of the device, which can easily replace 100% of the used dust.
6. In order to ensure that the dust does not stick to the box wall and condense, a special device is installed. The device can ensure that the dust does not stick to the box wall and condense. The working time of the device is adjustable and can work alternately automatically.
7. Under the premise of meeting national standards, the equipment is more practical and easy to control on the basis of stable performance in all aspects. Moreover, the equipment has the characteristics of easy installation, simple operation, and basically no daily maintenance.

 Fourth, the control system
    The main controller of the equipment adopts PLC programmable control, and the liquid crystal display adopts full Chinese display, which can display year, month, day, time, working time, etc. The dust blower, dust vibration and total test time can be controlled separately; this controller has the following various arbitrary setting control functions
a. Dust blowing time (stop, blowing): continuous and periodic dust blowing can be set at any time
b. Vibration time: vibration and stop vibration time are automatically alternated
c. Preset test time: the test time is 99 hours and 59 minutes
d. Power on: off-on-off
The control system is equipped with Schneider executive components;
With timing heating control;
Heating system: a heater is installed in the circulating air duct to heat the dust to avoid dust condensation. The heat of the muffler mica sheet heating coil is safe and stable; the muffler mica sheet heating coil is safe;

Five Protection system
1. No fuse protection switch;
2. Missing phase, current leakage, full sheath terminal block; overall equipment timing, automatic shutdown and other protection.
6. Equipment use conditions
1. Temperature range: 15 ~ 35 ℃;
2. Relative humidity: 25% ~ 75%;
3. Atmospheric pressure: 86 ~ 106KPa (860 ~ 1060mbar)
4. Power requirements: AC380 (± 10%) V / 50HZ three-phase five-wire system
5. Pre-installed capacity: 3KW
7. Spare parts and technical information
1. Provide spare parts (wearable parts) necessary to ensure the safe, stable and reliable operation of the equipment during the warranty period.
2. Provide standard screens and dust collection devices of 32μm and 250μm.
3. Provide the operation manual, the manual of the main supporting parts, the general structure drawing, the packing list, the spare parts list, the electrical schematic diagram and the structural schematic diagram, as well as other relevant information required by the buyer for the correct use and maintenance of the equipment.

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