Applicable scope and product characteristics of HAST high-pressure accelerated aging testing machine


The purpose of the HAST high-voltage accelerated aging testing machine (also known as the HAST high-voltage accelerated aging testing machine) is to increase environmental stress (such as temperature) and working stress (such as voltage and load applied to the product), accelerate the testing process, shorten the life testing time of the product or system, and investigate and analyze the wear and service life issues of electronic components and mechanical parts. What is the shape of the failure distribution function of the service life, And analyze the reasons for the increase in failure rate through experiments.

Dongguan Hongjin Testing Instrument Co., Ltd.was founded in June 2007 It is a high-tech manufacturing company that specializes in the design and automatic control of large-scale non-standard testing equipment like simulated environmental testing, material mechanics testing, optical dimension measurement, vibration impact stress testing, new energy physics testing, product sealing testing, and so on! We serve our customers with the utmost passion, adhering to the company concept of “quality first, honesty first, committed to innovation, and sincere service,” as well as the quality principle of “striving for excellence.”

Product characteristics of HAST high-pressure accelerated aging testing machine

1. Intelligent exhaust design (boiler internal exhaust) improves pressure stability and reproducibility, effectively improving the accuracy of detection tests.

2. The experimental machine can run for a long time of 400 hours, which can meet the needs of customers for ultra long experimental runs

3. The water tank (140 ° C) has a pressure resistance of 2.65kg, and multi-purpose testing can meet the pressure resistance design of a 6kg water tank for customer water pressure testing.

4. The HAST high-pressure accelerated aging testing machine is equipped with a two-stage pressure safety protection device, which adopts a two-stage combination controller and mechanical pressure protection device, which can effectively protect the machine’s lifespan

5. The machine is equipped with a two-level automatic pressure relief button and emergency safety device for safety protection, which effectively protects the safety of experimental personnel in case of emergencies

Post time: Nov-07-2023
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