The strength of the universal material testing machine

HJ Universal material testing machine (also called universal tensile testing machine or tensile testing machine, hereinafter referred to as tensile testing machine) is the product of the combination of modern electronic technology and mechanical transmission technology. High-precision, multi-purpose material testing machine for testing the mechanical properties of metal and non-metallic materials, automatically calculates the maximum strength, yield strength, tensile strength, compressive strength, elongation strength at any point, extension under load at any point, Elongation test, etc.

With the progress of society and the continuous development of all walks of life, the quality control of products is more cautious, and the requirements for product testing are also stricter. The use of the tension machine can bring the main driving force for the development of many industries, because its appearance can effectively ensure the quality and accuracy of the products produced by the enterprise. Rally machines are currently widely used in military, shipbuilding, aerospace, mechanical electronics, building materials and other fields and industries.

Universal material testing machine

For example, the HJ computer servo double-column tensile material tester is professionally suitable for composite materials, packaging materials, plastic pipes, adhesives, backing materials, non-woven fabrics, concrete, rubber and other non-metallic materials and medical equipment, cables, steel and other metals. Tensile, bending, compression, adhesive strength, tearing, puncture force, opening force, unwinding force, pull-out force and other performance tests of the product.

Tensioner is a necessary testing equipment in the process of material development, physical property experiment, education and teaching, quality control, material inspection, random inspection of production line, etc. Ideal testing equipment.

With the continuous development and progress of precision measurement and other technologies, various tensile machines with advanced performance that can be applied to different requirements, different environments and advanced performance are emerging. Measure the physical properties of materials or products; also measure the chemical properties of materials. The rational application of the tensile machine plays an important role in improving product quality and safety, saving materials, and reducing costs.

In the rapid development of the social economy, the rally machine has a strong scale and market advantage in the industry. After years of development and precipitation in my country, the rally machine has a strong professional technical force, coupled with the saturation of the industrial system, effective It ensures the further improvement of the quality and function of the equipment, and the result of competition also effectively promotes the development of the pulling machine, and also increases the choice of users.

Post time: Mar-29-2022
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