How to use the vibration test bench

1. Place the machine on a flat ground, and the anti-vibration rubber pad should be in place so that it does not shake back and forth, left and right, and connect the power of the machine firmly. The machine motor is a two-phase motor, please connect it firmly with the power supply;

2. Turn on the power switch of the machine, and set the time required for the test: HMS is H hours, M minutes, S seconds in sequence, and there is a ‘—’ on the dial. Pull the numbers 1-9 to the desired gear in sequence.

3. The corresponding speed of mobilizing the high-speed rotary torque is displayed on the display table, and the visual machine is running normally, reduce the speed and turn off the power;

4. Place the specimen on the work table, and move the movable fence to fix the specimen in the center of the table;

5. Turn on the power of the machine, restart the machine, adjust the corresponding speed, and stop the test after the test time reaches the set time.

How to use the vibration test bench

Post time: May-25-2022
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