What should be paid attention to when selecting high and low temperature test chambers

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I often receive customer inquiries about high and low temperature test chambers: “How much work volume do I need, the lowest temperature in the temperature range, how many degrees does the highest temperature meet, and how much is your price?”

Generally, when we receive such a call, we will ask what products the customer is testing, about the quality, volume, and what standards need to be referred to? From the customer’s answers, it can be judged that there are some deviations between the original selection criteria and reasonable requirements of many customers. Of course, some customers have been users of the high and low temperature test chambers for many years. Detailed operation content requirements: such as adding a temperature inspection instrument; additional instruments such as paper recorders.

The size of the cabinet needs to be based on the dimensions and quantity of the test product; how to place it; whether it is powered on / without heat and other factors. The relevant professional documents and articles have an empirical value. The ventilation cross-sectional area does not exceed three points. One; the volume ratio does not exceed one fifth. In addition, for the standard box, each company has a fixed air duct design, up and down return air, left and right air intake, and so on. The heat generated by the product and the unsuitable air duct will cause the “heat island effect”, that is, under constant temperature conditions, the inside of the box is extremely uneven, and the temperature in some areas even deviates from the set value by more than 10 degrees. It seems that the product has undergone severe tests In fact, it was falsified, but the customer did see that the parameters were stable. There are very few customers who perform load assessment under actual temperature conditions, but some workshop customers who require heat treatment and cooling process will agree with us on load testing requirements. Generally, customers will perform no-load assessment. However, the load temperature conditions should be what customers want. To the effect. In terms of profit, the uniformity of no-load conditions is definitely better than the load conditions.

The temperature range is definitely different between no-load and load, so our general no-load minimum temperature should be 5 degrees lower than the customer’s operating conditions, and the high-temperature operating conditions should be no-load higher, and the cooling and heating loads should be increased according to the load. Increased thermal capacity. Because the high and low temperature test box is a mechanical compressor circulation system, the ambient temperature will affect the cooling and heating capacity. Of course, it is not to say that the compressor system. The lower the ambient temperature, the faster the temperature will fall. Many peer equipment will lie in the northeast. Simple, too simple in design, reduced cost, and poor environmental adaptability. In the same way, many high and low temperatures may have many problems in high temperature environments. The high and low temperature test chamber technology of Wuxi Aiket Test Equipment Co., Ltd. will require customer information. According to the load and the actual environmental conditions of the customer’s equipment, confirm the final design plan with the customer. Conditions and ventilation environment, the explosion-proof high and low temperature test box requires the customer to determine the transformation environment or adopt special technical measures one by one.

In terms of price, the two sides often seem to be more divergent. It may be that the same equipment has a large difference in quotations from peers. The reason is actually very simple, different design configurations, different workmanship, different parts and components brands, different processes, different after-sales service costs, and different natural costs. Prices naturally vary widely. But one thing is the same. No one will not make equipment at a loss. If the price is too low, you need to consider it. Many customers of our explosion-proof high and low temperature test chambers care more about product safety and quality during the procurement process. Because many of them are the victims of inferior products, the equipment they bought will not be repaired, and repairs will not be repaired well, and no one will pay attention until the end of the warranty period. Both buyers and owners have headaches.

As a conscientious supplier, we put an end to all counterfeit and shoddy products. There are many original imported parts, imported brand domestic parts, and domestic brand parts on our equipment. The principle we adhere to is to ensure product quality, and parts must be traceable. The quality of many domestic brands is no less than that of international brands, which is likely to be an assembly line, a private label, and an international brand OEM; only authentic products To ensure the reliability of the product. Full of international big names, full of fake and shoddy belly, do you dare to use it? Can quality be guaranteed?

Only reasonable profits can make the manufacturing enterprises survive, the development of technical quality, and the embodiment of service value. Many of our customers are also manufacturing, and everyone knows this truth.

Of course, there are still many details that need to be paid attention to when choosing a good high and low temperature test chamber. We will slowly communicate with others.

Regarding high and low temperature test boxes, test equipment, simulated climate test equipment, lithium battery explosion-proof boxes, fuel cell boxes, I hope to communicate with you and develop together.

Post time: Apr-01-2020
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