What is tensile testing machine

What is tensile testing machine

A tensile tester, also known as a pull tester or universal testing machine (UTM), is an electromechanical test system that applies a tensile (pull) force to a material to determine the tensile strength and deformation behavior until break.

A typical tensile testing machine consists of a load cell, crosshead, extensometer, specimen grips, electronics, and a drive system. It is controlled by testing software used to define machine and safety settings, and store test parameters defined by testing standards such as ASTM and ISO. The amount of force applied to the machine and the elongation of the specimen are recorded throughout the test. Measuring the force required to stretch or elongate a material to the point of permanent deformation or break helps designers and manufacturers predict how materials will perform when implemented for their intended purpose.

HONGJIN tensile strength test machines,are specifically designed to meet customer requirements based on testing capacity, types of material, applications, and industry standards such as ASTM E8 for metals, ASTM D638 for plastics, ASTM D412 for elastomers, and many more. In addition to overall system safety and reliability, HONGJIN designs and builds every tensile testing machine with a focus on providing:

A high level of flexibility through ease of operation
Simple adaptations to customer- and standard-specific requirements
Future-proof expansion capabilities to grow with your needs

Universal Tensile Strength Testing Machine

Post time: May-04-2022
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