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Hello Paul, my car front wheels shake at speeds between 80-100kph. I have carried out a wheel alignment but the problem persists. What can I do? Nakimuli.
Hello Nakimuli, when your car’s wheels shake at speeds between 80-100kph and occasionally evens out at higher speeds, you most likely will need to balance the wheels. Visit a reputable tyre centre and have the wheels inspected for damage of rims or uneven tyre tread wear. Now, have each of the tyres balanced. Every wheel on your car must be balanced to ensure smooth rotation.
Different tyres have different unevenly light or heavy spots on the rim. These need balancing with weights as they are detected by a professional wheel balancing machine. Common symptoms of out of balance wheels is vibration of the steering at speeds between 80-100kph, uneven tyre tread wear as well as poor fuel economy.
Excessive wheel vibration will accelerate the damage of your steering linkage as well as affect your car handling experience.
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Post time: Jan-26-2021
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