Tensile testing machine project detection method

Tensile testing machine project detection method

1. Test methods for tensile strength and elongation at break
Quality standard: GB13022-91 “Test method for tensile properties of plastic films”

Specimen type: Types I, II, and III are dumbbells, and Type IV is a long strip. Type IV specimens are the mainstream form.

Sample preparation: the width is 15mm, the sampling length is not less than 150mm, and the gauge length is guaranteed to be 100mm. For samples with large deformation rate of material, the gauge length shall not be less than 50mm.

Test speed: 500±30mm/min

Matters needing attention: The sample is placed in the two clamps of the testing machine, so that the longitudinal axis of the sample coincides with the center line of the upper and lower clamps, and the clamps are properly tight.

2. Test method for determination of heat seal strength

Quality standard: QB/T2358-98 Test method for heat sealing strength of plastic film packaging.

Test steps: take the heat-sealing part as the center, open it 180 degrees, clamp both ends of the sample on the two fixtures of the testing machine, the axis of the sample should coincide with the center line of the upper and lower fixtures, and the tightness should be appropriate. The distance between the clamps is 100mm, and they are pulled apart at a certain speed to read the load when the sample breaks. If the sample is broken in the fixture, the sample is invalid.

3. Test method for 180° peel strength determination

Quality standard: refer to GB8808 soft composite plastic material peeling test method.

Sample preparation: width is 15mm (the deviation shall not exceed 0.1mm), length is 200mm; pre-peel 50mm along the length direction, and there shall be no obvious damage to the initially peeled part.

If the sample is not easy to be peeled off, one end of the sample can be immersed in a solvent (usually commonly used in ethyl acetate and acetone) for about 20mm.

Processing of test results: Calculate the average peel strength by taking the method of taking the similar values. The test unit is N/15MM.

Note: When the composite layer cannot be peeled off or the composite layer is broken, its peel strength is judged to be qualified, but the tensile strength must be ensured to be qualified.

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