Talking about the current situation and future development trend of high and low temperature test chamber industry

High and low temperature test chambers are widely used, and products in the electronics industry, scientific research units, colleges and universities, and aerospace industries need to test the high and low temperature resistance of products. This chapter analyzes the current state of the industry as a whole:
The development of the high and low temperature test chamber industry in my country is relatively late. During the most intense competition period, there are many self-proclaimed manufacturers, but there are actually no production capacity companies to join, making the country enter the road of malicious competition. Prices go down and quality goes down. As a result, consumers do not trust domestic brands, but without the strength, they will eventually be eliminated by the public and the industry. Today, the domestic environmental testing industry has embarked on a healthy development path, and domestic brands have become mature. Industry insiders believe that domestic first-line brands have greater advantages over imported products: such as high cost performance and convenient after-sales service.
Although, the foreign high and low temperature test chamber industry has developed early, and the old brand quality does have advantages. But many domestic brands. Although the equipment is made in China, product accessories and technology research and development are all imported or imported advanced concepts from abroad. The control instrument of LENPURE high and low temperature test box adopts excellent control instrument imported from Japan, the refrigeration unit adopts French Taikang, the humidification system adopts shallow water humidification, the electronic components are mainly Schneider and Omron, and 95% of other spare parts are imported from abroad. In addition to the imported accessories, 100% of the equipment can be measured by a third party, and an appearance patent has been applied for.
It can be seen that although my country’s environmental testing equipment industry develops later than foreign countries, it is the fastest growing country. For products such as high and low temperature test chambers, many domestic brands of products are comparable to imported products.

Post time: Jun-17-2022
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